Importing Message database (Mac OS X)

If you are using an iMac, Macbook (air), Mac Mini or any other system with OS X, please follow the easy tutorial below to make you message backup available in your textsearchr app.

1. Download the textsearchr in the app store. Just search for textsearchr

O/S screenshot store

2. Connect your iphone to your Mac by using the iphone cable

iphone cable

3. Download the message importer here.

4. Open iTunes and go to your iphone

Select Iphone in iTunes

5. Make a new back-up of your iPhone by clicking the Back-up now button

Backup your iphone on Mac

6. Launch the message importer app and export the desired backup.


7. Go to iTunes again, Apps-section and scroll down and select the textsearchr app

Select the textsearchr app in itunes


8.  Scroll down to the file sharing section and click on textsearchr. Press Add to copy the message file to the app.

Add imessage database to textsearchr app

9. A dialog box will appear which asks you to select a file to upload. Go to your Documents location and select the file app created under step 1. It is the file with the name <FILENAME>.msgPress Add now and the file will appear in Itunes.

10. Press Synchronize to copy the file to your iPhone. After the file has been copied your iPhone is ready to use the textsearchr app! Start the app on your iPhone to start searching through your messages!
Search Screen